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Customer comments:
'Fell asleep listening to it, then went in the garage to train on the bag and felt awesome!

Thanks again,
G C - UK Branch Chief - School of Karate
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    Time Distortion in Sports Enhancement
It’s often quoted that ‘time flies when you’re having fun’ or ‘everything just went into slow motion’ is the claim from victims of ‘near death experiences’. But rarely do we consider the sports implications of our perceptions of time. time distortion film
What is time distortion?
Time distortion is in fact a component of trance. Please note that people often talk about time distortion refering to how an individual perceves time within a hypnotic trance. My work revolves around changing your perception of time of an external situation or competitor to enhance your own sports performance. These are not the same things.

Using the words trance, or ‘altered states’ is a way of describing a change in our levels of consciousness and hence perceptions and abilities.

Studies suggest that we perceive time from the quantity of perceptual snapshots in our imaginations similar to that of frames in a movie.

If the amount of frames taken by our minds reduces per second of clock time. An external event would appear shorter and time would some how race by. But if there were more of them per unit of time then time would appear to pass more slowly.
We all use these skills naturally
but it is only when we consciously become aware and decide to utilise these skills do we see an increase in sports performance. My programme has helped football players become more sure footed, boxers combinations speed up, and gymnasts and high board divers slow down their perceptions of gravity in order to perform complex maneuvers easily.

You can easily witness this phenomena in the fighting sports. Some fighters seem to ‘duck and dive’, avoiding punches with ease, almost foreseeing each combination before it’s delivered. Others have speedy footwork floating around the ring with ease. These are not just physical attributes but mental advantages in time condensation, knowingly or unknowingly, used by every top athlete.

In every case of time distortion, there is present an intense level of focus, often labelled ‘the Zone’ in sports. Top athletes naturally go into an altered state. Long-distance runners usually go into a trance after running about a mile. In fact, any activity that allows you to totally focus is a way of altering consciousness and allows time to disappear. Time Distortion is probably the most effective from of natural performance enhancement known to man.

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