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Customer comments:
'Fell asleep listening to it, then went in the garage to train on the bag and felt awesome!

Thanks again,
G C - UK Branch Chief - School of Karate
paul mckenna
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Motivation - life’s driving force.

Many people believe they can generate motivation through setting inspiring goals . This is true for some but they often fail to realise the reasons behind the inspiring image, consequently it is more difficult to generate motivation on a constant basis, a skill we could all benefit from. Motivation is about knowing why you want a goal or activity, not what you want. Sure, knowing what you want is important because it gives you something to focus upon. The point is, if you want a particular goal, setting reasons why you want it is far more powerful than just visualising the outcome. It creates far more emotion to realise your underlying driving force.

Recently a client approached me regarding a sporting goal he wanted to motivate himself to achieve. After some time discussing his life and sporting ambitions I discovered that a couple of his friends were having a wedding anniversary. This seemed to be a good target to set some sporting goals for him to achieve. I made a wall chart and got specific weight and bodily conditions that he desired to attain within that time frame, and of course the reasons why he wanted to achieve them. This concept I find to be one of the best ways to motivate oneself. It encourages you to push yourself towards a goal, towards a specific condition. Together we conjured up enough associations of ‘pain' in not achieving that goal so that he always felt like training at the times when there might be other tempting distractions that might disrupt his routine. When a distraction arose he consciously chose to think of painful consequences of not achieving his goal, this motivated him to act.

Inspiring motivation is a fantastic bedfellow to weight control, especially in the sporting arena. The majority of sports people find the motivation of sports excellence great enough to break any patterns of weakness in their diet programmes, thus their bodily functions are being manipulated by their thoughts, visions, and images, in other words their minds. It still amazes me at how difficult people say it is for them to lose weight, the fact that they are born that way, they have poor genetics, they have special slow metabolisms etc… In reality they can lose weight, no matter how hard they convince themselves that it is impossible and the odds are stacked against them, no-one is saying it will be easy but it is possible. You probably know someone who makes such excuses, sometimes they seem plausible, however in most cases it is mis-leading nutritional information or lack of motivation that is the problem. The Mind is the most powerful and influential aspect of our world, ‘there is nothing with out first the mind'. This is especially true in weight control, I get phenomenal results from weight control hypnosis. I believe weight control is almost entirely based in the mind, second only to our energy in - energy out behaviour patterns (although these are also controlled by our minds).

You may be thinking now that this all seems a bit like a vicious circle, and you'd be right. It is indeed quite difficult for some individuals to create action from their knowledge. In other words having the will power to resist that high calorific chocolate bar.

Watch this person as they are delivered a scenario in which they find an immense amount of motivation in themselves to get up and do something a little more pro-active about the situation.


One aspect of Motivation to train is the focus you put upon the gym session. If you focus on the pain of training, the inconvienance of getting up out of the arm chair and making the journey to the gym, or the poor weather out side that you'll need to contend with then training becomes less appealing.

The answer is to focus on future results. Bodybuilders for example don't 'enjoy' lifting a dumbbell in the same repetitive motion for hours on end- nobody could possibly enjoy such a mind numbing exercise however, when they focus on the muscle growing, that growing feeling and the future results that they know they will attain then that produces the motivation to push themselves beyond what a 'normal' person is willing to do.

-Steve Mycoe - Author and Sports hypnotherapist, 2001