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    I Feared I'd Kill Collins Says Chris Eubank. by Frank Wiechula

Chris Eubank claimed last night that he was scared of killing Steve Collins in the ring.
Mental images of the badly hurt former challenger Michael Watson flashed through his mind in the epic world title fight against Collins in Cork in March, 1995.
But Eubank, who lost his unbeaten record and WBO super-middle crown, vows he would never pull back again.

He said: "I let Steve Collins get away in the tenth round, when I knocked him down, I didn't go after him.

"And the reason I didn't go after him was because I didn't want to kill him. And I thought to myself I would kill him.

"The hypnosis Collins claimed he had undergone in an effort to beat me was playing on my mind. But after that fact I should have killed him.
"Or, let me use different words - his life is not more important than my career.
"But that's just not me speaking, that's boxers in general speaking - a man's life is not more important than a man's career.

"That's a very tough and hard thing to say but that's the way it is - you must be ruthless and must be absolute in your pursuit to win."

Eubank, speaking exclusively on Channel 5's late-night sports programme 'Live and Dangerous', also lost to Collins in a rematch later that year.
But Eubank now says: "If I had Steve Collins on the floor again I would not hold back and whatever happens to him happens. And I would deal with that afterwards.
"But I wouldn't deal with the loss. Because, in my mind it was either 'take his life or lose the fight'. I lost the fight. And I believe I could live with myself afterwards, I would have to.

"It's a hard sport, if you can call it sport, it's a hard business - fighting is a life-or-death situation. I tell the truth as I see it, and telling the truth causes offence."
Eubank, 30, now back on the comeback trail as a light-heavy, was in mental turmoil in that first fight with Collins, who claimed he was under deep hypnosis and wouldn't feel the punches.

Eubank added: "The hypnosis thing brought back into thinking the Michael Watson fight, and all this talk about being hypnotised freaked me out.
"It was good of me, very human of me to be backwards in coming forwards when it came to knocking people out after that (Watson) fight.
"I'm very sorry it happened, sorry for him and his parents and his friends and family.
"But in hindsight I should not have been cautious against Collins."

Publication Information: Article Title: I Feared I'd Kill Collins Says Chris Eubank. Contributors: Frank Wiechula - author. Newspaper Title: The Mirror. Publication Date: July 24, 1997. Page Number: 39. COPYRIGHT 1997 MGN LTD; COPYRIGHT 2004 Gale Group.